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Comment if you want to be added.

♥ Margo
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Will you add me?

Of course doll face.
add me, please!

It wouldn't be the same without you.
add me?
Yes. And I love your icon.
add me bitch!!!
You're on.
hey add me 2 yo!!
Course. Can't wait to get to know ya.
ooo pick me! i wanna be a friend!
You have to pass the trust test. Sorry buster.
hey margo will you add me?

This tis Trang! New lj and all. Add me!
*Dances as she adds you*
Glad to have you back.
hey i saw your post on one of the communities, add me!

Added :-)
derrr add me <3
Of course darling. <3
hey, found ur journal thru pink_and_led.
cute journal.
add me?

You're on.
hey friend of leah's add me ....i'm
hey wanna add my back? i added ya =PP
Hi =) I'm the mod at _sexy_sweet_ just reminding you to come fill out an application! We'd love to see you there =)
hey margo I was randomly searching for some new friends for my LJ, your pretty cool, add me <3 ?
sure. ^_^
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